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                                                                    Chem12a (Organic Chem):                                                                     

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1. Structure And Bonding1 (Intro to Organic Chem; Atomic Structure; Electronic Configuration & Orbitals; Valence bond theory; Bond length & Bond energy).

2. Structure And Bonding2  (Bond Length, Bond Energy; sp3, sp2 & sp hybridisation of Carbon; Intro to MO Theory; Writing Organic Structures).

3. Covalent Bond1 (Electronegativity on bond polarity, Dipole moment, Formal Charge, Resonance). 

Covalent Bond2  ( Rules of resonance, How to draw resonance forms, Acids and Bases, Acid base strength). 

5. Alkane1 (Intro to alkanes, Alkane Formula, Structure, Constititional Isomerism, Nomenclature rules).

6. Alkane2 (Conformational Analysis of alkanes).

7. Cycloalkane1 (General description).

8. Cycloalkane2 (Conformational Analysis of un- and monosubstituated Cyclalkanes).

9. Cycloalkane3 (Conformational Analysis of mono- and disubstituated Cyclalkanes).

10. OlefinRxn1 (Electrophillic addition Rxn, Carbocation intermediate etc.)

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Laboratory Techniques:
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